Course Maintenance

Bunker project as of 2-23-17


Thanks to the mild weather and the outstanding crew I am fortunate to have the bunker project is moving along ahead of schedule. Holes 1, 8, 9, 10 and 18 are completely finished. We have excavated the sand and done minor re-shaping on holes 5, 6, 7 and the pro bunker. Below is a photo of the front right greenside bunker on 5 after we sod cut around the bunker.



We sod cut a large area at the bottom of the screen because we will be adding soil to this area to mound it up slightly. This will be done to both add character to the bunker and emulate bunkers renovated as well as prevent sand from washing out after a rain. This area was so low that after a rain the sand would just wash out from the bunker and onto the turf, making sustaining healthy turf impossible. The photo below is of this same bunker after the sand has been excavated. Notice the soil piled up around the back where we will be re-shaping.




If you look closely above you can see the black tarp that was covering the old drain line. This was constantly getting brought up by the sand pro when we raked bunkers and obstructing play. We took this drain line out and removed the tarp. Below is a photo of foreman Jose Lemus working on the drain line.




Once a new drain line was installed that is pitching out of the bunker and covered with gravel we plate tamped the bunker to get it ready for sand.



Notice above the sod put down around the bunker. We are getting another 3 pallets of sod next week and little areas like what can be seen above on the left side will be sodded before we add sand.



The hole that has required the most work has been 6. These bunkers had no character whatsoever and did not drain at all. Below is a photo of assistant James King, foreman Jose Lemus and spray tech Jesus Castillo doing a walk through of the bunker left of 6 approach while we were excavating it.




Notice above we have begun mounding up soil around the front of the bunker to both add character and prevent sand from washing out after a rain. Below is a photo of this bunker re-shaped.




Although it is very cold at the time the photo above was taken and the water is ice this bunker did not drain properly. Below is photo of the bunker while the crew was installing functional drainage.




In the photo above, trenches were dug that pitched to the drain pipe exiting the bunker and running into another drain line in the fairway, the next step was to add a layer of gravel, add the pipe and cover the pipe to the top of the trench with gravel. Please see below for a photo of the bunker once this is complete.




The soil surrounding this bunker will be sodded early next week followed by the addition of sand. Below is a photo of the bunker left of 6 green while it is being plate tamped and prepared for sand.



Notice on the right and top of the screen where luan boards were stood upright with stakes. This was done to add soil to areas where we are re-shaping to add character. This bunker will also be sodded next week followed by the addition of sand.



The bunker project will be completed by April 1st at the latest. Please email me at with any questions or comments.